Meaning of Life

She woke me up early, big ass grin,the suns not out yet, the rooms still dim, she lit that blunt and said get ready for sin, I’m like damn there it is again (I’m always chasing honeys)

I remember back one money wasn’t something I had ever seen, touched a couple dollars, but could never fuck with heavy green, walking round town headed no where thinking about the cash, that other mother fuckers saw and how they got with that, friends, family, no one I forgot to ask, if I’v ever seen you in a suit, I bet you got harassed, looking for a fit, anything that I could touch, after asking half the nation thinking I was fucked, I finaly found a worker working with a couple bucks, he told me if your chasing doe, fuck with us, a couple trips a couple shifts a couple thousand cash, not enough to get me rich but still it got me passed, all the bullshit I was thinking I was trapped in, made enough to pay for food and still persue my passions, and when I left the bank and I was counting up them benjamines, I couldn’t help but grin like damn there it is again, (I’m always chasing money)

So back when I was younger I was rapping in the basement, mixing on computer speakers wishing for replacements, scared to do a show because the music wasn’t cool enough, hating all I made because the message wasn’t true enough, but still to learn a skill you know you got to do some screwing up, for real you wanna build you go and build forget the stupid fucks, that would rather hide from life in case it chews em up, they learned the whos and whats, luck never blew em up, and maybe thats a fact I shouldn’t be assuming but, all I know is every where I go now I fucking strut, cause I’m proud of all these track I make now, I used to be about a bad day from a break down, I used to sit around and wait for orders to take down, tell the day I found the faith to hustle and break ground, I finaly made the mixtape now everytime I stick it in, I can’t help but grin like, damn there it is again.
(I’m always chasing dreams)

so I’d been living for my job putting bills before my family lately, I’v got bills to pay, man there taking all the cash I’m making, stress is all I’m feeling hell I might deserve a half a billion all the time I’m spending but instead my bills are steady building, up enough to keep me making just enough to keep these bills from fucking us so if I skip a shit I’m fucking up, yup, and my girl sees me going crazy, she tried to set me straight she told me lately I’v been lazy, I didn’t get it I said all I do is work and eat, she said your lazy with your mind so that work is cheap, and you don’t work to see your family cause your will is weak, she told me take that trip its more than cash you seek, I spot my uncle as my brother usher Emmy in and I can’t help but grin like damn there it is again.
(cause family’s everything)

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