Your dead wrong,

there going on and on and on and on like the way I’m livings really dead wrong, song after song track after track getting smashed while these cats sitting on there ass to releaxe spitting murder on the mike before passing it back, thats the way I’m living livid with these wack little rats, who front like mcs, minds so empty, this is not a diss, but bitch don’t tempt me, to put shit simply , I was sick since 16 spit sick 16s and learned how to get green, fiend always chasing more never clean, tracks dirtier than hookers on that uptown scene, I shut down schemes that effect my creme so if you’v ever got a problem ask before you interveen, and that goes for anybody who’s beats I’v boosted, mad cause your man made it hotter than you did the new kid screaming.

Yeah I could see why your behind

I’m Always on my grind and your sitting like its half time

Half the time I have half a mind, to tell these fucking half wits half assing rhymes and spending money on a gun instead of studio time, truley I’m lien me and prison wouldn’t mix well, I like weed and pussy and I hear its hard to get tail locked up awe fuck aint it such a tragidy, I got these other rappers looking like there more than mad at me, I brought em all that real shit they just can’t handle, now they want me gone right, bell book and candle, Donte and Randle, this is who your living like, working as a store clerk, wishing you where living life, get it right, get it right, you are not a different type, you are not believed in I’m sorry if its impolite, bread wrong, dead wrong, I’ll suggest you get a life, rather hear britney spears than the shit you spit at mics, wanna see the product then you gotta learn to pay the price, still I feel I’m being modest when I say my shit is tight,sick is fucking right imagine what I have in store the currency of passion got me buying up the art of war see them with the key to life, scared to open up the door, more to do with every night, why the fuck your every bored, straight up eludes me, please don’t lose me, I know that its confusing to talk about what you’v ignored, for sure this is everything that you diplore, the realest and the sickest and your talking like its either or, underground sound, talented but not a whore, still its so professional as long as berg will work the bored, he’ll keep an average rapper sounding like a prodigy, honesetly I didn’t even spit this properly, cash stacks and property, or back tax and poverty, no matter how I’m living still at war with the monotiney screaming

Yeah, I could see why there behind, I’m always on my grind and there sitting like its halftime

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