Dead Precedents

I want a million dollars I can spend in a day, half in new york, the other half in L.A. I want a couple of mansions a couple of yachts, I want to get pulled over and just laugh at the cops, like whats a hundred dollar ticket in a million dollar car I want to no what its like when they don’t know who you are but when they meet you they greet you like a god damn star I want to stay in the suit with the god damn bar, I want michigan women just draped in fine linon off the dock of a spot where the peasants can’t get in I want to meet a model and fund her coke addiction rose by the bottle pills by the perscriptions written by an md with no intentions of ending up with all his extra income missing and everytime I talk I want everyone to listen, I want to rig elections and own politicians, award winning cheifs grin cooking in the kitchen, while I’m having sex in the next room wishing, for nothing I don’t have a couple of already, I want to drink like jay-z and smoke like tom petty, gold bottles green weed and clear blue skys, I want to duck the weather on my own G5, I want the life you want to lead but theres no need to even lie, we could never make it happen theres no need to even try.

I want a million dollars I can spend in a day, half in new york, the other half in L.A. I want to build some place safe for the children to play, I want to feed the pour, not just food but education, fuck a better watch, I want to see a better nation, one thats less based in such corrupt realations, with other mother fuckers over seas dictatin, I want to be a lobbiest, for bank regulation, and build a church that doesn’t bullshit its congragation, I want to spread the truth through the radiostations, without the propaganda and the fake shit laced in, I want to be the reason others live like this, and fund the fucking pricks that cause the paradin shift, I want to stop the violence without halting the change I want to help to feed house and medicate the deranged, I want find the ones responsable for privatized prisons, put em on there knees and put a fucking bullet in em, and say maybe that harsh, but fuck it I’m rich, so aint nobody out there gonna prosacute shit, if I ever touched the money half of me would have to die, I don’t know which way of life I would really provide, bet I’d choose the same as you theres no need for us to lie, we could never change the world theres no need to even try.

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